Search #fail on twitter, instagram, youtube, vine etc. and you’ll find yourself watching dozens of videos like this;

Extremely entertaining, sometimes disturbing but altogether with the same common theme of displaying incredible “failure” moments in life.

So take a page from these adorable pups and FAIL!

No seriously, I want you to fail. I want you to make a goal for yourself and stick to it, then I want to see you fall off that bandwagon. Seems counter-intuitive to my entire blog premise right? WRONG. If we don’t fail in our efforts to change a bad-habit into a healthy habit then we will never learn how to overcome them. What’s the secret here? Guilt.

Guilt is the super-power we all have, but to reap its benefits we have to cultivate and learn when to use it! If you feel guilty after missing a day or two at the gym, or eating that entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s then you’ve succeeded! The recognition of that guilty feeling can be used as a tool to help bring you back on track. One error or moment when you’ve strayed off the path does not undo all of the hard work you’ve completed so far, so please – DON’T GIVE UP!

Turn your guilt into motivation and continue to #lifefitwork!


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