“Oh great” you say, “another one of those listen to me and do these tricks and use this magic-fairy dust to make you skinny blogs!” Not quite.

This is me!

This is me!

Full disclosure: I am NOT a personal trainer and I am NOT a nutritionist. I am your average 20-something bank employed, rent-paying, fitness loving, school-going juggler of life’s demands. And yes, this blog would be one of those demands but one that I welcome with open arms (thanks to #digitaledu)! LIFEFITWORK is about balance, habits and organization. The trifecta of things that seem extremely difficult to master, but, can be achieved with a few small adjustments. Life comes first (make the time to have one) followed by Fit (because really, it’s for your own good) then Work (because well, unless you’re Beyonce or Lebron James it’s mandatory).

So here’s the question, how do we FIT in between Life and Work? It ain’t easy and I’m still learning, but I’ve set out to share everything I can to help others find that balance. The goal is to make a healthy lifestyle part of your routine, not a separate practice.

lifefitwork is a blog written and edited by me, myself and I. That means the opinions are mine, the advice is mine and the mistakes are mine! I do not accept or endorse products for personal gain or by request, any reviews are my personal opinions alone. I hope this blog inspires, guides & may sometimes confuse you because I am not an expert. But when all is said and done this is my personal blog and it will remain only that.

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