Fit&Fresh Friday Challenge

Friday, February 13th

Challenge: #digitaledu Drink 2 cups of water by 11am, 2x by 2pm and 2x by 5pm. Good luck! #lifefitwork

How did you do with your water challenge? If you’re not used to drinking a large amount of water you may have struggled with this challenge, especially if you are drinking other liquids in conjunction with the added water. But, it’s the habit of refilling your water bottle (try a reusable bottle like these) that you want to create. The “water debate” has been discussed for years and I can’t say I’m quite convinced that there is a set amount of water that every person should drink. There are so many variables to consider such as the activities a person does in a day, what they eat, their climate etc. British Doctor Margaret McCartney calls the recommendation for 8 glasses of water a day ‘nonsense’. However, water helps us out in many ways by keeping ourselves hydrated, energized and often times we confuse hunger for thirst. Next time you feel a hunger pang come on, think about how much water you’ve had today, and try the bottle before the burrito! Our bodies are all different, but one thing is for sure, we need water to survive. So instead of grabbing that soft drink or juice with your lunch grab a water instead. Drink up!


Friday, February 20th

Challenge: #digitaledu Load up on veg/protein for dinner & skip the carbs. Eat more of both to satisfy your hunger! #lifefitwork

Vegetables and protein for the win! As much as I am fond of a nice piece of french baguette dipped in olive oil and vinegar to accompany my meal, I consider it “a special treat”. Carbs are like the family member who lives abroad that you only see a few times a year, and when you do it’s oh so special.  Try taking one day a week and call it your no-carb day. After a few weeks you may find yourself voluntary loading up on the veggies rather than reaching for that piece of bread.

Friday, February 27th

Challenge: On your commute find the route with the most stairs, hills etc. Use it daily, on repeat! #lifefitwork #digitaledu

This slight change in routine can have huge benefits. Taking the long way will help to ensure you’re getting as much activity in as you can on your busiest day, without even thinking about it! Make the long way or the hard way your “norm”. Once you’ve found it, make an excuse to use it more often. Whether that be on your lunch break, en route to a meeting or appointment or simply taking a walk to clear your head, take the extra 5 minutes and pick the harder path.


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