5 Exercises you can do at HOME Exercise #3

Exercise #3 Squat


The squat targets one of the biggest muscle groups allowing for optimal calorie burn. Believe it or not, they will also contribute to your fat loss not only in the legs, but also everywhere else in the body (yes, even that spare tire around the waist!)


To make the squat more challenging, add weight, speed up your reps, or even add a jump.

Counter Stretch: Runner’s Lunge

Pair this exercise up with a runner’s lunge (link includes other helpful stretches as well) and save yourself from the tight hips you’re most likely suffering from. As an added bonus, they’ll help you squat even deeper over time.

Written by Jay Agustin, edited by lifefitwork


5 Exercises you can do at HOME Exercise #2

Exercise #2 Side Plank


The core is considered to be made up of the many muscles that wrap around the waist (even the legs) not just the ‘6-pack’. This exercise is definitely one of the underrated moves and also contributes to improved posture and the slim looking waist perfect for completing the summer look.


To make things more challenging add movement/weight to the side plank.

– movement with arms/legs (countless variations)

– added dumbbell in free hand or even ankle weights

Need More? Couple your side planks with yesterday’s Plank, and feel the burn! #lifefitwork

written by Jay Agustin, edited by lifefitwork

lifefitwork ft. wallstfitness

A few months ago my friend Sara and I (yes, Sara & Sarah, get the laughs out now) decided that we needed to up our fitness game. We were already relatively healthy and active but we’d reached a plateau. So we wanted to find someone who could help motivate us to push further and essentially, kick our ass into gear. Queue Jay from wallstfitness.


We were introduced to Jay by a friend, and from our first meeting we knew that he was exactly the kind of person we were looking for. Before hitting the gym we talked about our daily routines, our fitness goals, habits and what we expected out of this experience. Truth be told Jay’s outlook on incorporating fitness into your lifestyle helped inspire me to write this blog! So to give credit where credit is due, allow me to introduce wallstfitness…

My name is Jay Agustin. It’s been a pleasure of mine to educate the business leaders and entrepreneurs about fitness. That’s why I created Wall Street Fitness. I believe that if you start treating your body as you would your own business, it would translate into a better you in all aspects of life. You are Your own stock; my goal is to coach on how to properly invest into yourself and increase your self value. – Jay Agustin

I asked Jay; What’s the best advice you can give to someone who wants to improve their lifestyle?

Do less, better. For starters, what are you doing right now for your health? If it’s minimal, there is no point of adding the max amount of work to your already busy schedule. The key to sustaining a habit is to start off with the minimal amount of work and apply it consistently. Even if it means 30 squats a day, eventually that 30 becomes 40, then 50, and all of a sudden you’re at Fitness Depot and you’re buying weights to add to the exercise. A month in and the squats aren’t so challenging so maybe you’ll add push ups to the routine. Start off small, and create a snowball effect.Jay Agustin 

Now, we put you to the test! Over the next 5 days lifefitwork has teamed up with wallstfitness for the ultimate lifefitwork challenge! Starting tomorrow March 28th, we will post an exercise here for you to complete on your own terms. We will post a different exercise each day (along with video demonstration) until April 1st . Your goal is to successfully complete the daily task and record your results in the comments section! Include how many reps or how much time you were able to hold an exercise till exhaustion. Hold yourself responsible and commit to #lifefitwork!